The Arab World

With Israel and Palestine merged into America, its neighbors can rest as peacefully as does Canada and Mexico along the thousands of kilometers of border they share with the United States. Even more exciting is that the stability of a U.S. border will enable Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt to experience the same kind of economic boom that Mexico and Canada enjoy. Regional stability, expansion of pan-Arab influence and doing right by Palestinians are three independent reasons for the Arab world to support Palestinian statehood in the U.S.

Arabs everywhere, you have always shared the Palestinians' dream. Know that your support is counted on more now than ever before. Help realize the Palestinian dream not as a figment state at the bottom of the world economic ladder, but as a citadel state at the top. This citadel state is not a fortress but a storehouse of one of the most beautiful strains of Arab culture and thought. Its umbilical connection to America ensures that the Palestinian way of life will grow abundantly, bearing sweet tasting fruit for all Arab people everywhere.

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