It would be possible for Europe, and America, to string the Israelis and Palestinians out for decades on end with dead-end solutions. Situations like this exist worldwide. Instead of solving the problem, we manage the problem, keeping it from exploding across too many international borders or causing too great a level of television shock. Yet, we owe the Israelis and the Palestinians better than this.

When Europe began to encourage thousands of Jewish settlers onto a well-settled land, they acquired some responsibility for today's situation. When the Allies dismembered the Ottoman Empire they acquired some responsibility for its scattered peoples. When European and American governments did little to halt the Holocaust they acquired some responsibility for ensuring that a "never again" safe haven exists. For all of these reasons, Europeans must stand up and be counted among the supporters of Two Stars for Peace. Even if it is not a plan that would have emanated from European councils, it is a plan that solves the problem better than any other. Because Europeans share responsibility for the problem, the right thing to do is to vigorously support its most comprehensive solution.



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