Palestinian national aspirations can be abundantly satisfied as a Palestinian-majority state, on the West Bank and Gaza, in the United States. The Palestinian Question can be definitively answered as follows:

  • The Palestinians are a people, with their own history and culture, and their right to preserve and honor that nationality will be as protected under the U.S. Constitution as that of every other nationality that thrives in America.

  • The Palestinians have a homeland, it consists of that part of Israeli-Palestinian space that was not allocated to Israel under the 1949 Armistice, specifically Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This homeland will be forever protected from occupation as an equal state, named Palestine, in the United States of America.

  • The Palestinians have a future. As Americans, Palestinians will have freedom to travel, study and live in any American state, and they will have access to the abundant economic opportunities of the world's largest capital and job market.

These answers to the Palestinian question trump those from any other paradigm. With these answers the Palestinian is first an American, but is no less a Palestinian who may or may not (as he chooses) live in the state of Palestine. With these answers the Palestinian is assured of his or her civil rights, including the freedom to transfer their heritage to their children in secular public or religious private schools and the freedom to criticize their (or other) local, state and federal governments. With these answers the Palestinian is someone who can focus on pursuit of happiness.

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