What Others Say

People are talking about Two Stars for Peace. In addition to monthly meetups going on around the world, several reviews have praised Rothblatt's originality and vision:

The independent book review website Brothers Judd gives Two Stars for Peace an "A" rating, calling it "a novel solution to what has been a devilish problem." The Brothers Judd go on to say that "the author treats every angle of the Middle Eastern muddle and answers every objection."

Several readers at Amazon.com give Two Stars for Peace the thumbs up.

The Midwest Small Book Review recommends Two Stars for Peace "for its insights into the dire ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis".

David Patterson of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies says "the idea is original and intriguing. It is propounded with great clarity, insight, and ... passion. The various pros and cons are dealt with logically, convincingly and lucidly." Read his letter here.

Ulrike Reinhard video interviews Two Stars for Peace author Martine Rothblatt. In this WhoIs Blog video, Martine suggests that both states become part of the US - 2 new stars on the US flag.  View this review here.

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